Switching to All Natural Cleaning Products - My Honest Review

Nothing is better than a fresh, clean, sparkly home.  Since us moms live with messy children (and husbands), nothing stays clean for too long, so we definitely savor these short-lived moments.  I get so much satisfaction when I sit on my couch after my kids have gone to bed for the night and I just spent the last hour cleaning from top to bottom. I can smell the Pinsol scented floors and the freshly Windexed windows. To top it off, I burn a scented candle.  This feeling for me is nothing short of amazing, even though I know when the kids wake up in the morning, it will be like I had never cleaned at all - haha! I love cleaning supplies and scented candles and air fresheners.  I love when my laundry smells amazing and our bed sheets are fresh.  Although I love all of this, it is hard not to think about the chemicals and harmful ingredients we are breathing in.


In the past, I had tried to make the switch and I tried DIY cleaning supplies.  I learned you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean almost anything in your home.  Combined, those two ingredients can unplug a sink, in replace of Draino.  Equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle make a great multi-purpose spray.  You can clean your windows, counter-tops, and floors.  This is also a cheaper way to clean.  I have used these DIY cleaners for two years now in replace of some products, like Windex and my old, go-to Lysol spray. 

I still felt like I was missing something.  I had two issues with my vinegar and baking soda DIY solutions that I made.  The first one being, I hated my house smelling like vinegar and I missed the fresh lemon and pine scents that the commercial brand products left behind.  I am big on scents and I truly missed my old cleaning products for that reason.  The second issue I had was, it was so hard to clean my bathtub!  I used to spray Scrubbing Bubbles in my tub, leave it for 10 minutes and it wiped clean easily and effortlessly.  Scrubbing my tub with vinegar and baking soda worked, but it was a lot more elbow grease than I liked.  I am a mom. I like easy and quick.  I just couldn't bring myself to use a harsh cleaning product to clean my tub when I knew my babies were bathing in it daily.  This is when I discovered my new two favorite brands of cleaning supplies; Mrs. Meyers and Method!



Mrs. Meyers Clean Day has got to be my favorite all natural product for their variety of scents.  You can shop according to scent which is cool.  It's even cooler knowing that breathing in these scents is actually aromatherapy and not harmful to your little ones whatsoever.  The collection of household products is made with essential oils from flowers and herbs that smell wonderful.  They have a large selection of products and scents but my favorite scents that I have tried so far are honeysuckle and lavender.  For day time, I use the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi-Surface Every Day Cleaner in Honeysuckle.  I put that **** on everything ;)  Then in the evenings, I use the same product but in Lavender scent.  I find the lavender scent so relaxing and it smells like a spa. I use this product religiously throughout the day.  I also use the Mrs. Meyers hand soap, dish soap, dryer sheets and room spray.  They all smell so good.  I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!!!  There are so many more products I want to try by them.  They even have candles!! :)


 My Mrs. Meyers' current household staples.




My back-up spray is the Method All-Purpose spray, which is naturally derived and plant-based.  I like the scent clementine.  It has a very fresh smell.  I haven't tried any other scents yet.  It works just as well as the Mrs. Meyers spray but I like Mrs. Meyers better because the smell it leaves lasts longer and it smells better in my opinion.  


Left: Method All-Purpose Spray in Clementine 

Right: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi-Surface spray in Honeysucks

Even though the Method All-Purpose spray comes second to the Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Spray, the other Method products I have tried work SO WELL.  The Method products that I use all the time now, are: the Bathroom Cleaner for Tub & Tile, Antibac Toilet cleaner, Daily Shower cleaner, and the Antibac Bathroom Cleaner.  


The tub and tile cleaner works amazing!!!  I spray it all around around the tub, wait 10 minutes and it wipes clean.  


The toilet cleaner works just as well as any of the other cleaners I have used in the past. It works well and it smells good. I find it works  better than my vinegar and baking soda solution that I used to use.


I really love the shower spray.  After every shower, I spray the shower and just leave it.  What more could I ask for?  It is so easy.  It is supposed to help prevent all the soap scum and build-up.  It lives up to it's expectation and keeps things fresh with very little effort.  The mint smell is great too!  


The Antibac cleaner is great for the bathroom counters and sinks.  It feels good knowing your sinks are disinfected without using harsh chemicals.



from the left, Bathroom Cleaner for Tub & Tile, Antibac Toilet cleaner, Daily Shower cleaner, and the Antibac Bathroom Cleaner.



I got all of the above products from Grove Collaborative, an online cleaning product company.  I spent a significant less amount of money that I expected. It was easier going online and getting them shipped to me rather than going to the store.  Grove Collaborative is super user-friendly, has great customer service and I feel like you can trust that all their products are great to use in your home.  I wanted to mention, this is my honest review of these products.  I am not sponsored by any of these companies.